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All our curriculum/programs are assisted by Kathleen D. Coppola (our Educational Consultant) and Margaret Dana-Conway (expert in Infants and Toddlers), members of Norwalk Community College, division of Early Childhood Education.

- INFANTS – 6 weeks to 18 months

At birth and even earlier, infants are already developing and learning. They are actively involved with themselves and the world around them.

Our curriculum for infants is based on consistent routines and interactions to caregivers focusing on the four developmental domains (physical, emotional, social and cognitive/language) and promptly attending their needs in a safe and secure environment. For that reason, in the infant room, the ratio is 8 children to 3 teachers. We believe that at this stage, babies must have their first needs promptly attended in order to thrive and develop a trusting bond with our team.

The period between birth to three years lays the foundation for all later leaning. That’s why we base our curriculum on observation and caregivers following infant’s lead. We individualize a curriculum for infants to ensure that planned activities and experiences appropriately support the unfolding development of each child at his or her unique pace.

Between many of the special activities offered for the little ones, “Me time” is one of them. On a sling, each child and his or her caregiver spend special time together. This “getting to know you” and “lets enjoy each other” time is a calm, playful time to relax, look, touch, smile and establish the wonderful dance of interactional synchrony.

- TODDLERS – 18 months to 3 years

Toddlers thrive on exploration and creativity. When their needs have been met appropriately as infants, toddlers are experienced in making choices and implementing their own ideas.

Toddlers’ imagination and curiosity give them great energy and creative potential. They need opportunities to develop and express these capacities. They also rely on adults to help them deal with their intense feelings and rapid fluctuations in mood. Our staff is prepared to guide children through this magical period of life. With blocks, flannel boards, discovery center, dramatic play, hands on experiences and much more, we play and learn together in a stimulating and loving environment. Our goal is to support your child’s needs and give them the tools to succeed.

- PRESCHOOLERS – 3 to 5 years

Children at this age are learning many new skills and stretching their cognitive abilities. The preschool age is a time for rapidly growing independence. At A Place Like Home we will foster it as well as life skills such as tying their own shoes, feeding and dressing themselves and cleaning up. We also will make sure their fine and motor skills are properly developed as well as concepts of numbers, colors and letters.
Mastering those new concepts, self-care skills and life skills will get them ready to a very and new exciting time in their lives: School!


  • Classical Music for babies; ​
  • Massage Time;
  • "Me Time";
  • Workshop for parents and community are often provided! Call us to find more about it!